Ad posting rules

Welcome to, where we prioritize a safe and trustworthy classified ad experience. To ensure a positive environment for our users, we have established the following ad posting rules:

  1. No Duplicate Ad Posting: Posting an ad with the same title or description more than once, as well as deleting an ad and reposting a similar one, will be considered as duplicate ads and will not be accepted.

  2. No Spamming: Bulk posting of similar ads is strictly prohibited.

  3. Accurate Content: Use relevant titles and descriptions in your ads. Avoid including phone numbers, email addresses, or special characters. Irrelevant words or unnecessary repetition of words are not allowed.

  4. Appropriate Images: Do not include obscene, fake, or human images in your ads. Posting inappropriate images may result in account suspension.

  5. Real Images Only: Use actual images of the item for sale. Avoid posting stock images or competitor images. Original photos without watermarks or additional text are recommended.

  6. Realistic Pricing: Ads with incorrect or unrealistic pricing will not be accepted.

  7. Relevant Categories: Please post ads in the appropriate category based on the item or service being offered.

  8. Single Account: Users are not allowed to create multiple accounts with the same contact information. Violation of this rule may lead to account suspension.

  9. Ad Duration: After deleting an ad, reposting the same ad is not allowed until 30 days have passed since the original posting date.

  10. Ad Limit: Users can post unlimited ads using a single account, but posting limits may be imposed for violating our ad posting rules.

  11. Accurate Item/Service Location: Misrepresenting the location of the ad offer is not permitted.

  12. Clear Job Descriptions: Ads for online jobs must include proper job descriptions with defined roles and tasks. Ads without proper job summaries will be rejected.

  13. Local Posting: All ads should be relevant to Pakistan. Ads posted using foreign IP addresses or containing foreign contact information are not allowed. Each account should correspond to only one phone number; multiple phone numbers are strictly prohibited.

  14. Single Product/Service per Ad: Selling multiple items or services in a single ad is not allowed. Please create separate ads for each item or service, ensuring proper titles, descriptions, prices, and clear pictures.

  15. Accredited Financing: Only reputable and registered financial institutions or organizations are allowed to advertise financing options.

  16. No Change of Product: Changing the item or service after posting an ad is not permitted. If necessary, please create a new ad with the updated information.

  17. No Addition of New Product: After posting an ad, adding a new item or service to that ad is not allowed. Please create a new ad with proper details.

  18. No Advance Payment: We prioritize a safe community, and any form of advance payment is strictly prohibited.

  19. Wildlife Regulations: Ads for animals must comply with provincial wildlife regulations.

  20. No Sexually Oriented Material: Ads for products intended for use in sexual activity are not permitted.

All items or services being sold must be legal and compliant with the laws of the Government of Pakistan. We kindly request our users to adhere to these rules to maintain a positive and reliable classified ad platform.


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